About Paul Beckett

When it comes to farming, Paul Beckett is passionate about the industry.

That's why he finds it hard to drive past a paddock without analysing it! Farming is in the blood – he comes from three generations of farmers.

"When you are passionate about an industry, it makes it much easier to sell."

Working in every area from management to share milking, as well as a degree in Agriculture and Farm Management, have given Paul insight into what is marketable about a farm or lifestyle block. Paul is committed to getting the best outcomes for the rural sector, because he knows and recognises the value of property in this area. His fresh and straightforward approach makes his clients feel informed, and at ease.

If you are looking for a rural and lifestyle specialist to keep you in the loop, and be able to identify the most saleable points of your property, then talk to Paul today. He'll work hard to get the best possible outcome for you.

Give me a call today, I'm here to help.